Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jody had surgery....finally

after many years of troubles with illness, at 30 yrs old. she has finally had her tonsils out yesterday! She seems to be handling things well, with three kids; resting, I am sure. I was over there last night while Brady and Jeremy went to Cub scout meeting. She has a tupperware party this coming Saturday, so I am sure she will be back on her feet by then... we'll wait and see if I need to go with as her voice or not. Keep her in your prayers.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our family pictures

Brady is 8½ yrs, Madalynn is 4½ yrs and Carter is 2½ yrs
Photo taken on June 24, 2010.

read the post in reverse!!! can't figure this out...and my thought process only goes one way today!

Our new timeout closet/cabinet!!
Brady relaxing......

same old sink, new faucets :-0

New dishwasher..thanks to Dianne

look at the new floor (former Gma Jeanie Room)

Maddy was hoping that this PINK wall would stay in the kitchen.... this is an adhesive for the mesh netting...quite the project...which we left to the professionals :-)

expanded the pantry a couple of feet :-) with our growing family, this is going to be put to good use!

The dumpster can only be filled to the top, level.... so you make do at 2am!!!!, to make sure it is level and not overfilled!!

more pictures....

island...sink and dishwasher with barstools on the other side...
kitchen cabinets by stove and refrigerator...

look at all the room we will have for making Gpa Earl COOKIES!!

Brady inspecting the sander-man work...he sure does look guilty of something..

wow, time flies when you are having fun...even when you are not...

View from the former Gma Jeanie Room looking into the kitchen.
View looking into the former Gma Jeanie Room...

This is what it looked like after the floor was tore up and ready for the sander-man to do his tricks.

Insulation...not too bad..but it could be a nasty job!

kitchen floor .. look at the beautiful hardwood floor shining through... ok, you have to use your imagination -- just a little... the floors turned out great!

kitchen view looking into the former Gma Jeanie Room.

Maddy taking a rest in the sitting area.... that will be demolished next!
Lubbie helping out the demo team.... destroying the sitting area in the former Gma Jeanie room.

We felt that an update was in order....four months without a post was unacceptable.

Another school year has ended... summer school came and left.... swim lessons.... baseball..... softball... birthday parties... bon fires .... working .... weddings.... fry outs... bike riding and Rosie running (with all the kids & both dogs) with a layover at the local DQ .... camping..... outings.... jumping on the trampoline.... working.... swimming in Elkhart Lake.... TORNADOS.... a mystery day trip to Wisconsin Dells enjoying a waterpark and with a picnic lunch back at the van before heading home..... Tupperware Parties... golfing.... working.....a few cold beverages and snacks, you name it, it has been done these past four months.... Maddy said the only thing we haven't done yet this summer is boating...that's because Scott moved to Eagle River in June and the boats went with him! Though Maddy will take a trip up there with Rosie before too long.

YES, even home REMODELING..... you didn't think we would let a few months go by without a project now did you??

Jody and Jeremy now have a functioning kitchen with dining room (you can fit the dining room table with both leaves in, and still be able to walk around!!! YIPPEE) ..... a lot of work, but oh so worth it all... Many will be able to enjoy this project for years to come!! See the before and after pictures to get a good appreciation of the fruits of our labors!!!

We knocked out the wall that separated the kitchen from the former Gma Jeanie Room, took all the nasty wallpaper down, tore up the kitchen flooring (lineoleum {sp?}and tile and lots and lots of staples!!) we ended up taking the plaster wall down to the studs (oh fun!) -- back in the day, their theory must have been "just use longer nails {4"}, they will hold it in place forever!" and lots of them, added insulation, removed the two closets and sitting bench, removed the old sofit in the kitchen ... VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM... the dust was horrible!

Tried to shut off the water in the kitchen, but due to the age of the home, they didn't install main shut off it was... that is extremely difficult when the house has three bathrooms and three times as many people wanting to use a toilet with the water off!!!

We can't forget to mention that we had to prime and paint the ceiling and walls too -- three coats on ceiling and two on the walls!!!
We will try to post again before school starts again and with the furniture back in the kitchen....!!! LOL

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Wow, to think it's spring already. Where has the time gone?? Maddy said we should start getting ready to go boating....boy would she be in for a rude awakening if we go now....give the girl one day of 60 degrees and she is already thinking it's summer :-}

Kids have Spring break this week, I pray that Jody will survive it!! She is "kid sitting" for me ... as teenagers can lose the priviledge of staying home while mom works. We will wait and see how well this works......being a parent is a hard job, sure is nice to have the support and love from your family to keep you sane!!!

Seasons come and seasons go.... I can't wait for this "season" to end and begin a new one!!!

God is in control and His will be done!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time Flies When Your Having Fun!

Here I quickly find ourselves in a new year. In December I got to go to Myrtle Beach thanks to my hard work in Tupperware. It was an all expense paid trip. We also got to she the Hemingway plant were the Tupperware is made and packaged. It was a great time away with no kids!! We had a good Christmas. We had Jeremy's family at our home for Christmas. Then we went to Brad's girlfriends for the Helmer Christmas. Thanks Dianne. We also got to have some cousin come over to our house and play. The Sutton and The Ramminger's with all their kids. A great time was had visiting. The new year is starting off pretty good. Just starting to get back into the swing of things with my Tupperware and the kids back to school is great. Next week my little Lubby (Carter) will be turning 2. Time sure has gone fast with having him. Keeps me busy everyday. He is a little character. You never know what he is going to do. It is also very interesting to finally here him really start to say words. Last week he finally said Rosie, which the assistant has been trying to get him to say for almost 6 months now. I think it is the highlight of her day to hear her Lubby say her name. Rosie and Lubby definitely have a great bond. Nothing that others will understand.